Thursday, August 2, 2012

2 years!

Today it has been 2 years to the day that we arrived in North Dakota to start our new life! It has been a bittersweet move for us. I LOVE it here and so does the rest of my little family, but there is always the family that we get to see not nearly enough that makes it hard sometimes. I ask the kids all the time if they want to move back and they always tell me, no! I really enjoy living here, there is so much to do and little or no driving involved. The business is doing so very well so that is a huge blessing. But I know everyday that we are not here for this business, there is a reason we are here in North Dakota and we have to keep positive attitudes and keep plugging along no matter how hard it may seem. It is hard for me to see Rich work so much and be so stressed! I try to help him in whatever way I can but it just seems like when he gets a break he has to bear everyone else's burdens again. He is constantly helping others with all their issues and yet it seems that they don't even understand the burdens he carry's everyday. I understand because those burdens for him become mine as well and then they cause friction between us and that is frustrating for me. I would much rather be back in Fruitland struggling from paycheck to paycheck than being here with surrounded by people who feel they are entitled to things just because.  
I have come to the conclusion though that through this I will learn patience and I have already learned that no matter what I will always put my little family and this gospel first. They are the only things that matter and I see that more and more everyday. I know that without Rich and I paying an honest tith and doing the right things that we would not be here now. I know we are incredibly blessed everyday, because we do what we need to. I am reminded everyday just how important this church is and how I need to try that much harder to make sure that I have my family forever:)
 So much has changed the last 2 years, geez even the last 6 months. I have to say that I don't know what I would do without Rich. He is so strong, and such a rock for me in tough times. And there have been some lousy days these last 2 years. But he deals with the days from day to day and does it better than anyone that I know could do it. I don't know of anyone that I can think of right now that could even come close to trying to do what he does everyday. And I want him to know that I appreciate everything he does! There isn't a day that goes by that I don't wonder how I can help him that day, whether it be just take him food so he can eat or a treat! He is absolutely amazing. We just had our best month ever at the shop and it is all because of him and his hard work and dedication to supporting his family. Love him so much:)

Taylee, Traceson and Macrae have all had a birthdays so far this year. Taylee is now in the "double digits" so she says and is 10, Traceson is 8 and getting baptized soon and Macrae is 6. Raegan wishes it was her birthday everyday but she will be 4 in November.

The boys both had their best friends from school last year move away this summer:( they were pretty sad, but hopefully this school year brings more friends for them to enjoy. Taylee has a BFF named Casey and the two of them are so sweet. I love her being friends with her. They actually just bought a house up the road from us so they will be our neighbors in a month and Taylee can not wait:) Neither can I, I absolutley adore Casey's mom. She is just amazing.

I am in the primary presidency and I love it. I love the little kids and the wide array of personalities they all have. Other than that fear I have of speaking in sacrament, I am so thankful for this calling:)

This was Easter Sunday 2012, yeah I am a little behind! But hey better late than never right!

So anyhow, We are so incredibly blessed and feel it everyday and I know where all these blessings come from. I am so lucky to have these little monkeys and my wonderful husband FOREVER and I cherish everyday, "stress filled and not" that I get to spend with them:) They are my life and I can't imagine it without all of them. I am so excited for this next little monkey to join in the chaos. I can't believe it has been 3 months already! 6 more till I get to meet this precious angel:) can't wait!!

Monday, January 2, 2012


I don't usually blog about myself but I am today. So back in June of last year I decided that since I am not pregnant or nursing that I was going to take advantage of it. So I joined Weight Watchers online. Since then I have been losing weight slowly but surely. So here today, January 2nd, I start 2012 exactly 50 pounds lighter than last year. And have full intentions on starting 2013---- 100 pounds lighter. Here is to a Happy New Year 2012!!!


Taylee and Raegan on the 4 wheeler.
Raegan ready to ride the 4 wheeler.
Our GRINCH punch we had with Christmas dinner. YUMMY!!

Merry Christmas to you all. A little bit late. Just a quick recap on our Christmas here in North Dakota. First of all it was 45 degrees on Christmas day and that was a great gift in itself. The kids got up at not 6 but 2 in the morning, I was not a happy camper so sent them all back to bed and told them not to wake us up till at least 7. So about 10 to 7 they came and woke us up. They played with all their Santa stuff and then we went to church. After we got home they got to open their presents. They all had WAY to much stuff this year. But they were all thrilled with their gifts. I finally got a panini press and was so excited to have it. It was even the one I wanted. Rich know me way too well. We had a very nice Christmas and again reminds me how incredibly blessed that we are to be here in this place at this time. The ward has more than quadrupled in size in the last year and it is amazing. So glad to be a part of this great town. Missed my family terribly this year but I will hopefully be visiting them in a month or so. Hope you all had a Very Merry Christmas and Have a Happy New Year. :) lots of love, the Martinez's

Raegans "pesents" from grandma and pa, it is a purple
ballerina outfit with a crown and shoes that she has to wear on a daily basis.
Loving his new shirt.
This one was hilarious for Crae.
Rich bought these chocolate pistols for the boys, they came in an actual gun case so Traceson really thought he was getting a new pistol.......he was a bit saddened to find out it was just chocolate.
Raegan and her new pink bow.
The MESS!! I have yet to find some rhyme and reason to avoiding a mess on Christmas.
Traceson turn.
Taylee was so surprised, Santa got her a laptop.
Santa brought the boys a 4 wheeler, despite their mothers protest.
Both the boys and their new helmets.
Raegan and her Belle!
Sisters Christmas morning.

Macrae and some of his gifts!
Traceson loved his football helmet and pads.
All Raegan wanted from Santa was a pink cat.
The boys santa surprises.
The girls Santa surprises.
Santa Cookies, Peppermint meltaways and a puffed rice ball, oh and some eggnog.


Rich helping the kids make their owls! Family Fun Night!
Raegan being an airplane!
family fun night, 2011
Trace shooting his bow.
Taylee and her BFF Casey with Chance and Whiskers.
This is what happens when Raegan gets mad at you!!
Not a good thing.:)
Absolutely so in love with these little people. They really are the reason I try so hard!!
So Blessed to have them in my life.


Family FUN Night!
Raegan and Rapunzel

We went to the ward Halloween party and this is a little girl in my class that was Rapunzel. Raegan loved her. So I had to take a picture of them together.

Halloween, 2011
Raegan absolutely loved Halloween. Everyday she asked if she can go Halloween again, which means that she wants to go ask strangers for candy. The kids picked there own costumes again this year. Taylee was a "battarina", Traceson was a ninja, Macrae was a pirate and Raegan was a strawberry. She loves strawberry shortcake so this is what she wanted. They had a school family fun night that was really fun for the kids the week before Halloween. So thankful everyday for my wonderful kids and for the fun they are!


We have been adding on to the shop another 3 bays and it is going really slow.

Luckily we have had a very mild winter with no negative temps at all! Wish every winter was like this one.

This is a little project my mom for the shop and I LOVE it!!

This is the office part of the shop.

Then there is all the tires!! Lots and lots of those things stacked everywhere.

Then the awesome employees. We really do have some great people working for us.

hailey and heidi

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever and that I really need to keep updates more frequent. I am trying really hard to do this, this year!